A picture book with a strong msg to kids 


​A story of two cats TOM and TANSY who are best friends wonders about whether if wishes really come true.. one day during their picnic they decide to find it themselves . 

So they closed their eye and wishes really hard and long.TANSY wished for a party dress, shoes and dance .TOM wished to sail away in the boat to see the world. Though they wished hard there is nothing around them to mam the wishes come true.So they decided that dreams will not come true. 
But fortunately they met Mr Grimpalong singing along passes them pushing a full cart of old stuff. They found all the materials to make boat and dress for both of them in the cart. They boarded the raft and went on a trip to admire the view of the world.During their trip they danced on a boat which they happened to see .When they turned the raft round to return back home they understood that “First wish, then do, that’s when wishing comes true”.

A strong msg to the kids that only hard work gets us to the place we wish to..Thanks to Rina for sending us this treasure…


A Heartwarming magical tale about love that links families through generations


Author: MAYA SOETORO-NG, Barack Obama’s sister’s magical tribute to their mother Illustrator: YUYI MORALES   


Suhaila was a little girl who wishes to know about her grandmother, who would wrap her arms around the world if she could.One night she gets her wish coming true as her grandmother , Annie appears on her window through a golden ladder.She invities the little one to come along with her on an adventure journey. They could become part of the moon’s light and started bonding with each other..

From the top they both watched the world and helped the people in need. Grandmother sings the songs of the moon which makes the kid feel more stronger than before.She could watch her grandmother heal and shelter those who had suffered through different tragedies.They together helped the kids, swimmers who are struggling to get back to the surface, tasted others troubles,  even she tastes the air, meet different peoples and kids,different religions.

The group on the moon was getting high in number.They swapped stories about courage, disvoveries, poor and poorless..After the last tale Suhaila realized that she new more now than she had known before and returned back home happily..

A book about sharing, love and bonding, death… This story reminds me that loved ones lost are always with us and just we have to look the moon sometimes to realize that..

A book to introduce simple vocabulary to kids


Story by: Amrutha Sathish

Pictures by: Sowmya menon

Anita is little girl who loves small things like pebbles, stones. One day when she saw a long line of ants she is very curious to know where the ants are going..She decided to follow them . The ants take her along the things like table , dog which she sees everyday . It also creates a curiosity to know where ants go next and what makes her happy at the end . A good book to make toddlers understand the things around us . The words are so so simple which in turn helps to introduce new words to Little ones. It’s a bilingual book by the way.. Continue reading