A book to learn about fingers


Author: Shella Dhir
Pictures : Mugdha Sethi

A Book about fingers on the hands and uses..

Each finger has its own personality and when it comes together they make many things happen around. Each fingers have different fingerprints. They can be used to make animals ..
First comes the thing without which its hard to hold anything..
Next comes the index finger which helps to hold, write and draw..

Next comes the middle finger , the tallest of all.
The fourth finger needs the the support
Of other fingers to tap, type mix and fix..
Then comes the littlest finger of all..which moves together with thing for many activities.
When two hands join together they can clap, play music, paint, pull, count, pick, cut,sign, and most of all welcomes people through Namaste….
A playful entertaining picture book to learn about hands and fingers for the toddlers..


A story of a little boy whose shopping turned into an unexpected adventure


AUTHOR : Marlene Newman


         Whenever mum needed something Will was too busy and Rita was too little to help, so it is always Myron who was about to help mom. One of the such Sunday ahs turned to be an adventurous day for Myron.

On a  Sunday morning when mom was about to make pancakes milk got over and so she called Myron to get milk from the shop.

As usual Myron went out of the flat, down the corridor and through the street, A peculiar sound came from the separation of the tall buildings. A girl with a curly hair whispered through his ears. Though Myron knows he wasn’t supposed to talk to strangers He was curious to know how could she know that they are out of milk? Continue reading

Tulika books on creepy crawlies


Sunu sunu the snail who is playing in the garden with his friends the ants. Suddenly there is a storm in the garden. So the ants asked him to return back home so his mother will not worry for him.He returnd back to home, under a big rock, and started narrating about the storm and what all he heard.

A delightful picture book with simple text and excellent illustrations for a 2 year old Continue reading

A Heartwarming magical tale about love that links families through generations


Author: MAYA SOETORO-NG, Barack Obama’s sister’s magical tribute to their mother Illustrator: YUYI MORALES   


Suhaila was a little girl who wishes to know about her grandmother, who would wrap her arms around the world if she could.One night she gets her wish coming true as her grandmother , Annie appears on her window through a golden ladder.She invities the little one to come along with her on an adventure journey. They could become part of the moon’s light and started bonding with each other..

From the top they both watched the world and helped the people in need. Grandmother sings the songs of the moon which makes the kid feel more stronger than before.She could watch her grandmother heal and shelter those who had suffered through different tragedies.They together helped the kids, swimmers who are struggling to get back to the surface, tasted others troubles,  even she tastes the air, meet different peoples and kids,different religions.

The group on the moon was getting high in number.They swapped stories about courage, disvoveries, poor and poorless..After the last tale Suhaila realized that she new more now than she had known before and returned back home happily..

A book about sharing, love and bonding, death… This story reminds me that loved ones lost are always with us and just we have to look the moon sometimes to realize that..

A book to teach about sharing and acceptance

Illustrator: LYDIA MONKS

    A story of three rock pool creatures who shares a single shell. It starts with a crab searching for  a new home . He finds a shell and he accepts to share the shell with a anemone , as it promises to protect the crab from the enemies and the worm, as it promises to clean the shell. But very soon as they three have outgrown the shell , they argued with each other and found a separate way. Soon they began to feel lonely and that night a huge storm hit and all their homes got smashed . They realize they would rather be together and started searching for a new home.They found a new sparkly shell and starting living together.

Continue reading

ERIC CARLE BOOKS- Books we enjoyed the most


The story is based on a hungry caterpillar which eats different food on different days of the week.That is he ate one apple on Monday, two pears on Tuesday and  even cup cakes , ice creams etc. Because of eating so much it became fatter and got stomach ache which got better after eating a green leaf. He built a small house and stayed in it for weeks and finally one day he came out of his cocoon to emerge into a beautiful butterfly . Continue reading

A book about to encourage children to reach out more for the impossible



A book with beautiful illustrations about a boy who wants to catch a star. The boy looks out for a star to be his friend. So that he can play hide and seek together, take long walks together and so he decided up catching a star by getting up early in the morning as the star would be tired being in the sky the whole night. When he went out the next morning he couldn’t find any stars high in the sky, he waited and waited long. Just before the sun is about to go away he found a star.

He tried jumping up, climbing a tallest tree, using a life belt, seeking a help from sea gull etc. But the star is too far away. When he return back home he found the reflection of the star in the water. He tried catching it up but he couldn’t reach it. Then he waited on the shore for the star to get along. And finally he found a star washed up on the shore after a long wait and returned back home happily with a star of his own.

The book we loved reading at home so much as my son’s fascination towards stars and moons never ends. The book tells that if you are hard enough you can even reach the impossible..