One love One heart Let’s go together




A story about a little girl who builds a “ONE LOVE PARK ” by bringing all together.

So cute adorable book loved by my 2.9 year old son from the first read. The story line of the book is based on the song by BOB MARLEY.

One day when the little girl went out to play she found the garbages all over the ground. she started cleaning them up with the help of her friends . Then she brought her family, friends and  all neighbors together to clean up the environment and create a garden and park space where they all can enjoy together..



A refreshing multicultural wonderful book with strong message and beautiful illustrations gains the complete attention of kids to the book



A story of a carousel duck who longs to fly


A story of a carousel duck who longs to fly. At knew her wings are made of wood and She can’t fly with the carved wings.  She spends her days watching the real flying ducks and longing and nighy dreaming of flying among them. She use to wonder about the flying ducks and their closeness to stars and sky.

Everything got changed when a little list duckling walked to 5th duck on a spring day. Duck has never seen such a small duck and so she was amused to see the yellow fuzzy  small duck. From that moment duck and duckling become closer, they laughed played and even dreamt together. Continue reading

Our most favourite read now…

We(me and my son) have come across many books in the last 2 years of our reading journey. One of the book which he loves to the most now is Naisha series books( a set of 12 books ) which I got very recently from Jasmine Bheda. Continue reading

Wild animals theme-Montessori inspired shelf activities for toddlers

Though not a  much experienced mom am just listing out our journey of reading.This is my first blog post on montessori activities.

      Through the past few months of learning with Athilan, I introduced  Montessori method of learning and he loves them too. Primary idea behind Montessori is to ” help me do it myself” and to encourage the kid to learn by doing. These little minds are so much capable than we think about them. Identify the interest of the child before  planning for an activity  and go ahead with the child’s cues and interest.

   His recent interest is on animals.  Here is set of activities for a week that Athilan(25months old) has worked at.

1. PEGGED BOARD– A simple fine motor skill activity to arrange the animals respectively

2. ANIMAL CARDS – Count the animals and clip them based on their count.We personally designed them with the animals he like most. #math #finemotorskills

3. COLOUR TRACK -A simple toy which has the animals parts in the glass pieces. Arranging them to bring out the shape involves too much fun learning.. #visualdiscrimination

4. ACTION CARDS-A gross motor skills activity.. Do the actions according to the animal action cards.

5. I SPY: Finding the hidden animal in the kinetic sand using the brush. #finemotorskills #ispy 

6 .PUZZLES: Athilan is a crazy for puzzles. Here are few puzzles based on puzzles

        a. Identification: Name the animal figurines and match them by arranging the four piece puzzles            

            b. Animal home- Two piece puzzles with which he learnt animals and their homes

            c. A set of four piece puzzles to identify the animals, animal patterns and their foot prints


d. A set of wild animals puzzles with multiple pieces 

7. BOOKS ON OUR SHELF :          

           a. 123 to the zoo by ERIC CARLE        

            b. K is for kissing a cool Kangaroo by Giles andreae            

            c. Little beauty by ANTHONY BROWNIE            

            d. Cave baby by JULIA DONALDSON       

             e. My Zoo by ROD CAMPBELL         

             f. I SPY with my little eye by EDWARD    

             g. Brown paper bear 

     will post the detailed reviews of this books as a separate post