A Heartwarming magical tale about love that links families through generations


Author: MAYA SOETORO-NG, Barack Obama’s sister’s magical tribute to their mother Illustrator: YUYI MORALES   


Suhaila was a little girl who wishes to know about her grandmother, who would wrap her arms around the world if she could.One night she gets her wish coming true as her grandmother , Annie appears on her window through a golden ladder.She invities the little one to come along with her on an adventure journey. They could become part of the moon’s light and started bonding with each other..

From the top they both watched the world and helped the people in need. Grandmother sings the songs of the moon which makes the kid feel more stronger than before.She could watch her grandmother heal and shelter those who had suffered through different tragedies.They together helped the kids, swimmers who are struggling to get back to the surface, tasted others troubles,  even she tastes the air, meet different peoples and kids,different religions.

The group on the moon was getting high in number.They swapped stories about courage, disvoveries, poor and poorless..After the last tale Suhaila realized that she new more now than she had known before and returned back home happily..

A book about sharing, love and bonding, death… This story reminds me that loved ones lost are always with us and just we have to look the moon sometimes to realize that..


Best books for 0 to 2 year old


Author: MEX FOX

Enchanting , simple rhyming book  for babies with different types of babies and people in the world. It also tells the children about the  diversity that exists in our world . used to sing this book rather than reading it. It gives the valuable meaning that we are all alike and we should get along with each other. A best first book to introduce body parts to the babies and different cultures

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A fantastic book to make kids learn about phonetics



An adorable book with a series of small stories with Whooper an important character in whopper tales.Its a fantastic book to make kids learn about phonetics won relation to alphabets A to Z.These stories emphasize on the sounds of one letter on each stories for example ” Super Whooper Helps Shy Sheily Sheep” emphasizes on letter S… Each story of the book teaches about the moral values to kids starting for
thankyou for the chef in a restaurant for the wonderful food,
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A book to teach about sharing and acceptance

Illustrator: LYDIA MONKS

    A story of three rock pool creatures who shares a single shell. It starts with a crab searching for  a new home . He finds a shell and he accepts to share the shell with a anemone , as it promises to protect the crab from the enemies and the worm, as it promises to clean the shell. But very soon as they three have outgrown the shell , they argued with each other and found a separate way. Soon they began to feel lonely and that night a huge storm hit and all their homes got smashed . They realize they would rather be together and started searching for a new home.They found a new sparkly shell and starting living together.

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Wild animals theme-Montessori inspired shelf activities for toddlers

Though not a  much experienced mom am just listing out our journey of reading.This is my first blog post on montessori activities.

      Through the past few months of learning with Athilan, I introduced  Montessori method of learning and he loves them too. Primary idea behind Montessori is to ” help me do it myself” and to encourage the kid to learn by doing. These little minds are so much capable than we think about them. Identify the interest of the child before  planning for an activity  and go ahead with the child’s cues and interest.

   His recent interest is on animals.  Here is set of activities for a week that Athilan(25months old) has worked at.

1. PEGGED BOARD– A simple fine motor skill activity to arrange the animals respectively

2. ANIMAL CARDS – Count the animals and clip them based on their count.We personally designed them with the animals he like most. #math #finemotorskills

3. COLOUR TRACK -A simple toy which has the animals parts in the glass pieces. Arranging them to bring out the shape involves too much fun learning.. #visualdiscrimination

4. ACTION CARDS-A gross motor skills activity.. Do the actions according to the animal action cards.

5. I SPY: Finding the hidden animal in the kinetic sand using the brush. #finemotorskills #ispy 

6 .PUZZLES: Athilan is a crazy for puzzles. Here are few puzzles based on puzzles

        a. Identification: Name the animal figurines and match them by arranging the four piece puzzles            

            b. Animal home- Two piece puzzles with which he learnt animals and their homes

            c. A set of four piece puzzles to identify the animals, animal patterns and their foot prints


d. A set of wild animals puzzles with multiple pieces 

7. BOOKS ON OUR SHELF :          

           a. 123 to the zoo by ERIC CARLE        

            b. K is for kissing a cool Kangaroo by Giles andreae            

            c. Little beauty by ANTHONY BROWNIE            

            d. Cave baby by JULIA DONALDSON       

             e. My Zoo by ROD CAMPBELL         

             f. I SPY with my little eye by EDWARD    

             g. Brown paper bear 

     will post the detailed reviews of this books as a separate post


A book to learn about individuality

          This is a story about a girl who loves to eat lima beans but stopped eating it as her friends teased her. As she cares too much about what others think she got a bad case of stripes on her. She turns into everything what other people say..many people diagnosed and tried to treat her stripes but they are of no use until a old woman who reached her home to treat n do a magic to her. From the next day she woke up n stopped thinking of what other people will say..
           This is an excellent book to make kids understand that they should listen to themself and  should not worry about what others think . It has a lesson to learn about individuality..
An excellent book for 4 years and above ..FB_IMG_1484213421647

A book to introduce simple vocabulary to kids


Story by: Amrutha Sathish

Pictures by: Sowmya menon

Anita is little girl who loves small things like pebbles, stones. One day when she saw a long line of ants she is very curious to know where the ants are going..She decided to follow them . The ants take her along the things like table , dog which she sees everyday . It also creates a curiosity to know where ants go next and what makes her happy at the end . A good book to make toddlers understand the things around us . The words are so so simple which in turn helps to introduce new words to Little ones. It’s a bilingual book by the way.. Continue reading