Do you want to introduce about India to your toddlers?


Illustrated by PRIYA KURIYAN

Do you want to introduce about India to  your toddlers?Do you face challenges to teach about India?

Then this book is your right choice

A book which uses illustrations and alphabets to tell everything about the country in a very simple interesting way..

Book starts with Letter A representing National ANTHEM and Continues with BRAVEry,different types of bravery awards  armed forces which keeps us safe, CULTURE, musical heritage, festivals, foods of different states ,DANCES and its origin, EQUALITY, India’s freedom, FLAG and its significance,Father of Indian Nation Mahatma GANDHI, quit india movement, non violence,the integral part of India,HIMALAYAS,INDIA,states of the country and its identity,JUNGLES of India, state animals, KAUTILYA- a great Indian teacher and philosopher,LANGUAGESof different parts of India, MONSOONS of India,NEHRU and his love for children,OM, PATRIOTISM, QUIZ-Wonderful things discovered in india,RIGHTS-fundamental rights from the Constitution of india, SALUTATIONS- ways of greeting people,TRADITIONAL KNOWLEDGE, arts and crafts, paintings, UNITY,VALUES That imbibe from our families and culture, WOMAN of India, godess, places every Indian must visit, different professions, ZERO , the invention of India..

Ends with an quote and encouraging words to the readers of the book..

An excellent book for the kids even for all to learn everything they need to know about India..

Our most favourite read now…

We(me and my son) have come across many books in the last 2 years of our reading journey. One of the book which he loves to the most now is Naisha series books( a set of 12 books ) which I got very recently from Jasmine Bheda. Continue reading

Do you want to introduce shapes to babies and toddlers?


Do you want to introduce shapes to babies and toddlers?Start with this book..

A small kitten introduces different shapes with pictures.A circle can be explained with a kitty playing ball, a square with a painting, a rectangle with a gift box , a star and many more..

A book for 0 to 2 years to introduce shapes to them..



A book to show how spending time with family can be a real joy


The story is about everything a father and a son do it in a park for a whole day. Starting from the actions to the facial expressions we loved the colorful illustrations of the book..

A book to tell us about how spending quality time with your family will be a fun…

A book not to be missed …



Home schooling

A method which the parents choose to educate their children at home instead of sending them to a public  or a private traditional schoolParents choose to homeschool the kids for a variety of reasons like dissatisfaction with the school structure, method of learning, educational options, beliefs etc. . If we have to compare the homeschool with the traditional schooling , this includes the freedom of setting up customized eduation, flexible schedule, and the ability to captilize your childs special talents and interest.

Homeschooling allows children to learn on their own time & allows parents to have complete control over their child’s education . Parents can customize their child’s schooling around their own schedules, their child’s ideal learning time, and can take school with them anywhere. In essence, a homeschool student never misses classes because lessons can be completed at virtually any time. Parents can narrow focus on the topics which least interest the kids and make the broad focus on kids area of interest.

Making the decision to homeschool is very difficult and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Do parents need to have an educational degree or educational background?

Parents do not need an educational degree to home school the kid. Parents determine what is to be learnt and how it is to be taught following some guidelines and regulations for themselves.

If you are deciding upon homeschooling consider the factors.

  • Reason for homeschooling- Don’t rush into the decision to homeschool as your friends are homeschooling or because it looks something different. You must have a personal conviction and commitment that will take you along the homeschooling journey where you have to pull your hairs out for sure some days.
  • Time commitment- To give the children the kind of education they want you should be ready to plan on being home most of the time. If you want to homeschool and work outside plan accordingly with the caretakers and the spouse to make it work successfully.
  • Understand the Pro’s & cons of homeschooling
  • Interest of both parents –Don’t decide upon if you both are not in a mutual agreement in homeschooling your kid. You may be the one who is preparing everything for your kid but after a certain period of time you need the support of your spouse both emotionally and financially.
  • Understand the homeschooling laws in your location(country or state)
  • Need more patience and preservarance- Homeschooling needs careful planning and willingness to go long distance. As the time goes on you will be challenged, questioned and discouraged. There may be days when you will doubt yourself, your decision and choices. Be ready and develop your patience to overcome all this.
  • Be Open to learn-Talk or meet with homeschooling families in person or through online. Try to be part of some homeschooling networks in your area which may help in choosing curriculum, resources, laws of your state and group activities. If you are moving from a regular schooling to homeschooling make the transition very slow giving time for your kid to understand and accept.
  • Curriculum-Selecting a homeschooling curriculum is one of the overwhelming tasks. One of the biggest mistake homeschooling parents make is that getting too tied either too a curriculum or a schedule. Be flexible but so not so flexible that you never do school. Don’t miss the opportunity of having more free learning.
  • Don’t fall into the comparison trap- Homeschooling is completely different from the entire model most of us have come up. Rest of the society and people in the family around us seems to think us like we are ruining our kids



Tulika books for 1 to 3 years


Tulika books which we loved to read

1.Sunu-Sunu snail a storm in the garden

Sunu sunu the snail who is playing in the garden with his friends the ants. Suddenly there is a storm in the garden. So the ants asked him to return back home so his mother will not worry for him.He returnd back to home, under a big rock, and started narrating about the storm and what all he heard.

A delightful picture book with simple text and excellent illustrations for a 2 year old. Continue reading

A Heartwarming magical tale about love that links families through generations


Author: MAYA SOETORO-NG, Barack Obama’s sister’s magical tribute to their mother Illustrator: YUYI MORALES   


Suhaila was a little girl who wishes to know about her grandmother, who would wrap her arms around the world if she could.One night she gets her wish coming true as her grandmother , Annie appears on her window through a golden ladder.She invities the little one to come along with her on an adventure journey. They could become part of the moon’s light and started bonding with each other..

From the top they both watched the world and helped the people in need. Grandmother sings the songs of the moon which makes the kid feel more stronger than before.She could watch her grandmother heal and shelter those who had suffered through different tragedies.They together helped the kids, swimmers who are struggling to get back to the surface, tasted others troubles,  even she tastes the air, meet different peoples and kids,different religions.

The group on the moon was getting high in number.They swapped stories about courage, disvoveries, poor and poorless..After the last tale Suhaila realized that she new more now than she had known before and returned back home happily..

A book about sharing, love and bonding, death… This story reminds me that loved ones lost are always with us and just we have to look the moon sometimes to realize that..