A strange Dream of a little boy


On his way to school Raju sees all vegetables of all shapes and sizes heading to school with their school bags and water bottles. No one else including his teachers seems surprised to see them..ūüėČInstead the teacher came forward to welcome him by patting him on the back.

When the teacher left someone continued to pat him hard.He just opened his to see his mom shaking him to make him awake to get himself ready for school.Then he realised that he had a strange dream of different vegetables like root vegetables , leafy vegetables marching towards his school. When the parade reached the school all children came to the door to watch the strange parade.He rushed to get him ready to reach school on time

A book about vegetables which we are reading as a part of our vegetable theme activities.An excellent book for 2 years and above kids..


Do you want to introduce about India to your toddlers?


Illustrated by PRIYA KURIYAN

Do you want to introduce about India to  your toddlers?Do you face challenges to teach about India?

Then this book is your right choice

A book which uses illustrations and alphabets to tell everything about the country in a very simple interesting way..

Book starts with Letter A representing National ANTHEM and Continues with BRAVEry,different types of bravery awards  armed forces which keeps us safe, CULTURE, musical heritage, festivals, foods of different states ,DANCES and its origin, EQUALITY, India’s freedom, FLAG and its significance,Father of Indian Nation Mahatma GANDHI, quit india movement, non violence,the integral part of India,HIMALAYAS,INDIA,states of the country and its identity,JUNGLES of India, state animals, KAUTILYA- a great Indian teacher and philosopher,LANGUAGESof different parts of India, MONSOONS of India,NEHRU and his love for children,OM, PATRIOTISM, QUIZ-Wonderful things discovered in india,RIGHTS-fundamental rights from the Constitution of india, SALUTATIONS- ways of greeting people,TRADITIONAL KNOWLEDGE, arts and crafts, paintings, UNITY,VALUES That imbibe from our families and culture, WOMAN of India, godess, places every Indian must visit, different professions, ZERO , the invention of India..

Ends with an quote and encouraging words to the readers of the book..

An excellent book for the kids even for all to learn everything they need to know about India..


Tulika books for 1 to 3 years


Tulika books which we loved to read

1.Sunu-Sunu snail a storm in the garden

Sunu sunu the snail who is playing in the garden with his friends the ants. Suddenly there is a storm in the garden. So the ants asked him to return back home so his mother will not worry for him.He returnd back to home, under a big rock, and started narrating about the storm and what all he heard.

A delightful picture book with simple text and excellent illustrations for a 2 year old. Continue reading


A fantastic book to make kids learn about phonetics



An adorable book with a series of small stories with Whooper an important character in whopper tales.Its a fantastic book to make kids learn about phonetics won relation to alphabets A to Z.These stories emphasize on the sounds of one letter on each stories for example ” Super Whooper Helps Shy Sheily Sheep” emphasizes on letter S… Each story of the book teaches about the moral values to kids starting for
thankyou for the chef in a restaurant for the wonderful food,
encouraging and helping Sheily Sheep to sing on the stadium, Continue reading


A book to introduce simple vocabulary to kids


Story by: Amrutha Sathish

Pictures by: Sowmya menon

Anita is little girl who loves small things like pebbles, stones. One day when she saw a long line of ants she is very curious to know where the ants are going..She decided to follow them . The ants take her along the things like table , dog which she sees everyday . It also creates a curiosity to know where ants go next and what makes her happy at the end . A good book to make toddlers understand the things around us . The words are so so simple which in turn helps to introduce new words to Little ones. It’s a bilingual book by the way.. Continue reading


A simple book to teach the children about the importance of name..



       A beautifully illustrated book to teach the children about the importance of name.. 
Look around , everything around you have a name..
This book starts with names of the fruits, vegetables, flowers, animals, shapes, tools, vehicles, colours,senses, season, feelings, parts of the body,living and non living objects,ends with people with different names and the reason why everyone don’t have the same name.
Every people are different ,unique and special..That’s y we all have different names.
A simple book from CBT publications  for 2 years and above

Continue reading