Farmer Falgu Goes to the Market

Book Review | Farmer Falgu Goes to the Market

Author: Chitra Soundar
Kanika Nair

A farmer named Falgu is on his way to the market. This beautifully illustrated story brings out vivid images of the farmer’s journey with all his vegetables to the market. The problems he encounters as he rides his bullock cart on the bumpy, rickety roads.

The book is appropriate for children in the age group of 2-4 years. It helps the child to imagine and develop curiosity on farm commodities like vegetables and eggs and understand the ingenous problem-solving abilities of the farmer. It teaches the child not to give up in times of adversity and develop common sense and logic. Continue reading

Benefits of reading to babies

Reading to baby even before they can incorporate with the words and pictures is one important thing to have  a special bonding with the baby and for a quality time.. It exposes the baby to your voice which is soothing thing to the baby..

Though the kid cannot understand what you are reading slowly your kid will begin to pick up with the tone, rhythm, words and cues of your voce and reading patterns..It can also help you with developing the kids vocabulary which gets developed with the number of words the baby hear everyday..Slowly your kid starts responding to your voice and tone with movements of hands and legs while reading and helps the kids exposed to different feelings. Continue reading

A book about bringing happiness to people around


Author: Sowmya Rajendran

Illustrator: Nivedita Subramanian

Karimuga was a pleasant daksha who is purple in colour with pink cheeks and yellow wold flower like teeth and a big belly ..That’s the reason other rakshashas were jealous of him ..

When karimuga heard about the whispers of other rakshasa he was happy but he started Worthing and thought that no one should feel sad because of him and went to the wisdom tree of the jungke to seek help…

He seeked the blessings of the tree to transfer his beauty to other rakshasha around..

All the rakshasas were happy getting the colours on them…

And the karimuga was little sad about his dull look now..

Finally something happened to karimuga and he was happy too was the twist of the story…

A book to tell about sharing and to spread happiness to the people around..

A book for 2 year and above kids