Benefits of reading to babies

Reading to baby even before they can incorporate with the words and pictures is one important thing to have  a special bonding with the baby and for a quality time.. It exposes the baby to your voice which is soothing thing to the baby..

Though the kid cannot understand what you are reading slowly your kid will begin to pick up with the tone, rhythm, words and cues of your voce and reading patterns..It can also help you with developing the kids vocabulary which gets developed with the number of words the baby hear everyday..Slowly your kid starts responding to your voice and tone with movements of hands and legs while reading and helps the kids exposed to different feelings.

At first baby will be listening only to the rhyming words and rhythms/sing along .. SO choose the books accordingly..Eg.. Goodnight moon by Margaret wise brown

From 3 months the kid will start focusing on the patterns on the pages.. While reading in that search start including lots and lots of picture books with different textures and patterns with variety of shapes and bright colours which the kid will start relating out in the later reads in future.. You can start choosing board books, books with textures(touch and feel books), fold out books, puppet books,cloth books and so on..

Making it part of their daily routine makes them feel that reading has to be enjoyed not a task to be done only in school for memorizing..

Read the books aloud for that age group of kids which increases communication and builds listening, vocabulary and memory skills

  • Read with expression with different voice notes and pitches
  • Cuddling while reading helps your baby safe, warm and close to you
  • Make funny sounds to make the baby feel reading is enjoyable
  • Read the same books over and over again .. Nothing wrong in reading the same book and added fact is that babies learn from repetition
  • There is nothing like its necessary to complete the book you have started reading or you have to read only the phrases of the book text..Add some words of your own to make reading more interesting



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