A tale of an adventurous kitten discovering himself




Kitten cat was upset because he cant fly like a bird, he cant crack a nut like squirrels, he cant hop like frogs,he cant shook the mud and stroll over like cocks. ” I am only a cat , I cant do anything “,he cried to his mother in distress .

His mother sprang to her feet and asked the kitten to follow her to show what it meant to be a cat. His mother showed to climb a tree, catch a mouse, walk on a tightrope, move silently more like lizards, get to the lazy dog, taking a nap safely, tasting the cream without wasting them, to see clearly in the darkness. And finally she called out for the meet to announce loudly that only cats can do all this and not all other animals and birds.

But the kitten who couldn’t stop for that rushed to the river to catch a fish, which in turn turned into a adventurous funny story..


A great book with glowing illustrations for cat lovers where it is easy to understand what is to be like a cat . The importance of knowing one-self, self esteem and to stay away from comparisons and traps.


10 thoughts on “A tale of an adventurous kitten discovering himself

  1. This is a good message that the book will give to the kids! Human beings always compare themselves with others! This being taught in the form of a kitten tale will surly catch the attention of the very very young readers!


  2. This seems to be a great read for children. Such important lessons taught with simple illustrations and creative story.


  3. This book looks like a really interesting read. Illustration will keep kids engage and they will learn some important lessons of life…Thank you for sharing this .


  4. Aww, this is such a cute story. My daughter really loves cats. Such books are really good for kids as the pictorial representation helps in making the kids relate to the message behind the story. \


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