A story of a carousel duck who longs to fly


A story of a carousel duck who longs to fly. At knew her wings are made of wood and She can’t fly with the carved wings.  She spends her days watching the real flying ducks and longing and nighy dreaming of flying among them. She use to wonder about the flying ducks and their closeness to stars and sky.

Everything got changed when a little list duckling walked to 5th duck on a spring day. Duck has never seen such a small duck and so she was amused to see the yellow fuzzy  small duck. From that moment duck and duckling become closer, they laughed played and even dreamt together.

Though she never showed signs of flying, as the time passed yellow fuzzy duckling turned into a white duck with little feathers and She began to master through muds of bugs. So duck decided to teach him fly.  Ducklings training started. In the mornings they worked on jumping, flapping and duck helped the duckling to climb on her back to feel the wind on her wings.

There were wonderful moments when it looks like duckling will take off and fly but that never happened.So duck decided to find the ones who could teach duckling fly. So duck strapped duckling tightly to her back with her scarf and set off in search of real ducks. They found a group of ducks floating in the stream where they aren’t able to follow them before the ducks go away.

Then they raced to the top of the hill in search of real flying ducks. Something magical happened during that time.The duckling started flying but they started sinking more than flying . Duck was too heavy for the duckling to carry and fly. Duck realized the situation and She freed herself from the scarf . Immediately duckling went up and up and duck went down and down until she hit the ground and skidded. She looked up just in time to see the duckling flying along with other ducks.

Duck limped back to the park alone and regardless to face the long winter. Durinh winter , It snowed snowed as the duck almost disappeared.  The snow melted away and the duck was awakened by the bright sun during spring. The real ducks were returning too. But duck no long wanted  to watch them fly .Suddenly she saw something in the corner of her eyes. It was the duckling flying towards her with the scarf . Duckling preened as duck patted his head and smoothed his tail feathers.

All the day they laughed played together just like before. As night came duckling prepared to leave again with his flock. But first duckling helped duvj climb on his back and finally duck knew what it was to fly…😍😍

A beautiful story of making dreams coming true and a real friendship  ….








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