A simple story about the life cycle of a seed



A simple story about the life cycle of a seed.The story starts in the autumn with the journey of seeds getting dispersed from  plants during the winds. The story continues focusing on one of the smallest seeds among them. Each page continues with different seeds and the happening around the biggest seeds which travelled along with the tiny seed while travelling through sun, tall mountains, icy mountains, ocean and the desert till the seed settles down in the ground during winter. During spring the other seeds started to grow as a plant but the tiny seed doesn’t start to grow up yet. By the time summer comes it is no longer a seed and it flourishes into a tallest plant with  a huge flower on it. And again the cycle continues with the dispersal of the seeds.

A book to introduce life cycle of a plant, different types of seasons and the happenings. This also tells that smaller size doesn’t always it is the weaker one (as the tiny seed was able to grow up into a giant flower)



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