A picture book with a strong msg to kids 


​A story of two cats TOM and TANSY who are best friends wonders about whether if wishes really come true.. one day during their picnic they decide to find it themselves . 

So they closed their eye and wishes really hard and long.TANSY wished for a party dress, shoes and dance .TOM wished to sail away in the boat to see the world. Though they wished hard there is nothing around them to mam the wishes come true.So they decided that dreams will not come true. 
But fortunately they met Mr Grimpalong singing along passes them pushing a full cart of old stuff. They found all the materials to make boat and dress for both of them in the cart. They boarded the raft and went on a trip to admire the view of the world.During their trip they danced on a boat which they happened to see .When they turned the raft round to return back home they understood that “First wish, then do, that’s when wishing comes true”.

A strong msg to the kids that only hard work gets us to the place we wish to..Thanks to Rina for sending us this treasure…


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