A fantastic book to make kids learn about phonetics



An adorable book with a series of small stories with Whooper an important character in whopper tales.Its a fantastic book to make kids learn about phonetics won relation to alphabets A to Z.These stories emphasize on the sounds of one letter on each stories for example ” Super Whooper Helps Shy Sheily Sheep” emphasizes on letter S… Each story of the book teaches about the moral values to kids starting for
thankyou for the chef in a restaurant for the wonderful food,
encouraging and helping Sheily Sheep to sing on the stadium,
taking the help of his friends Harry and henry to help the habitats of Himalayans during high snow fall using helicopter n their friends ,
attending a training in a camp for team games and there making tommy into his team even though he knows its tough to make tommy socialize with teammates and finally they have become a tremendous team,

And the fifth story
Along with beautiful bunny And a gang of boys beautifying the River Bea’s from biodegrade waste ….
Which makes the bird on a the branch of the banyan tree sing a beautiful song…
Kudos to the young author pranks for this lovely book which help children develop their vocabulary..
A good book for 4 years and above.




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