There are many days which come in my life like today..

When your toddler demands you for a snack that too a masala sweetcorn on a hectic day,Even though its one of the day you don’t have time to you even to have a bath, when your newly appointed maid takes too much of care of making you to eat by handing food in your work desk, still you don’t have a heart to tell a no to him.

It can be made into an activity for your toddler
You can make this as an simple activity at home for toddlers but under guidance as it has small parts..
Here is how it goes..
I just asked him to remove the kernels of corn so that I can cook it for him.20170208_183344

Little A started removing kernels with so much of interest.

 Its one of the very easy ,simple,very less expensive but an engaging activity for toddlers. It can be tagged into practical life skills and fine motor skills as that involves hand and eye coordination.

  • Teach to Wash the hands before handling any food or food items
  • Talk about the need for cleanliness
  • Count the kernels as this activity can also be used for learning numbers
  • Speak about where it comes from , how does it grows, who grows it, what is it called.
  • Germination of a seed
  • Talk about the texture, kernels, outer layers of corn
  • Talk about cooking-How do you cook, What do you use like Water ,Salt, gas stove etc.
  • Explain the need for cleaning the garbage after it

So many learning are very simple..
It doesn’t need too much of investment and time but a little amount of interest to search for the options around you will do..

You can use Peas for a similar type of activity too


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