A story about a boy and a fallen star





Little star is a story about a boy, James and a fallen star. The boy finds  and brings home the star  who fell  and landed at the bottom of the garden. Initially he wasn’t able to find what it is .  At the middle of  the night  he woke up and find it was winkling and twinkling in his shelf in the corner of the room  with the rest of his most cherished possessions .

The star was very happy in reaching  James home and started playing hide and seek and with James toys but not for so long.. Star got bored in few days and wanted to get back to sky.. And James too started realizing that the star is almost cold, and rough and dying and nothing will be left but a shiny dust soon and he must act to save the star

So that night James set the star free. With one huge stretch, he flung the star as far as he could. As a return of the help, the little star flashed, danced and twinkled high above at night for James.


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