A book to teach about sharing and acceptance

Illustrator: LYDIA MONKS

    A story of three rock pool creatures who shares a single shell. It starts with a crab searching for  a new home . He finds a shell and he accepts to share the shell with a anemone , as it promises to protect the crab from the enemies and the worm, as it promises to clean the shell. But very soon as they three have outgrown the shell , they argued with each other and found a separate way. Soon they began to feel lonely and that night a huge storm hit and all their homes got smashed . They realize they would rather be together and started searching for a new home.They found a new sparkly shell and starting living together.

    A good book to explains kids about sharing, acceptance and how everyone’s individuality can be contributed to each other for a happy living. The book also explains about how we can be happier by staying and working together     A lovely book to also learn about under water animals …



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