A book to describe how great your feelings are



Illustrated :ANITA JERAM


       A classic great little story  where the big and  little bunny try to express how much they love each other 
Touches the very basic question in relationship…
Do you love me enough? Do I love you enough?
           Little bunny  trys every way to express how much he loves  big bunny, however the big bunny always has more ways to express as he is bigger..  Both the bunnies encourage each other to be increasingly imaginative.. On the other side the story also focus on size.. 
                   We take this as a  physical story as we do the actions along with the little  and big bunny, we stretch arms high and wide while reading this book… And I love you to the moon is a favorite phrase for us in the book, as my son is a moon lover… 
   There is a good story in this book and Little A loves this book to the core 
      A  perfect picture book for bed time for 1 year … and for story telling 




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