A book about to encourage children to reach out more for the impossible



A book with beautiful illustrations about a boy who wants to catch a star. The boy looks out for a star to be his friend. So that he can play hide and seek together, take long walks together and so he decided up catching a star by getting up early in the morning as the star would be tired being in the sky the whole night. When he went out the next morning he couldn’t find any stars high in the sky, he waited and waited long. Just before the sun is about to go away he found a star.

He tried jumping up, climbing a tallest tree, using a life belt, seeking a help from sea gull etc. But the star is too far away. When he return back home he found the reflection of the star in the water. He tried catching it up but he couldn’t reach it. Then he waited on the shore for the star to get along. And finally he found a star washed up on the shore after a long wait and returned back home happily with a star of his own.

The book we loved reading at home so much as my son’s fascination towards stars and moons never ends. The book tells that if you are hard enough you can even reach the impossible..


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