A picture to introduce about phases of moon in simple phrases


Author: Sandhya Rao
Pictures : Trotsky Marudu..

A picture book for toddlers to introduce about the phases of moon..
It’s always great to look at the dark blue sky through a window..Added to this happiness is to watch the moon grow everyday through the window..
Its great to watch the wisps of cloud( while reading this I always remember the imaginations I used to have everytime while watching the clouds: sometimes a lion, sometimes a lady, sometimes a horse and many more ), a silver moon, a semi circle, a comma, a half Circle, a big circle….

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A book to learn about fingers


Author: Shella Dhir
Pictures : Mugdha Sethi

A Book about fingers on the hands and uses..

Each finger has its own personality and when it comes together they make many things happen around. Each fingers have different fingerprints. They can be used to make animals ..
First comes the thing without which its hard to hold anything..
Next comes the index finger which helps to hold, write and draw..

Next comes the middle finger , the tallest of all.
The fourth finger needs the the support
Of other fingers to tap, type mix and fix..
Then comes the littlest finger of all..which moves together with thing for many activities.
When two hands join together they can clap, play music, paint, pull, count, pick, cut,sign, and most of all welcomes people through Namaste….
A playful entertaining picture book to learn about hands and fingers for the toddlers..

A story of a little boy whose shopping turned into an unexpected adventure


AUTHOR : Marlene Newman


         Whenever mum needed something Will was too busy and Rita was too little to help, so it is always Myron who was about to help mom. One of the such Sunday ahs turned to be an adventurous day for Myron.

On a  Sunday morning when mom was about to make pancakes milk got over and so she called Myron to get milk from the shop.

As usual Myron went out of the flat, down the corridor and through the street, A peculiar sound came from the separation of the tall buildings. A girl with a curly hair whispered through his ears. Though Myron knows he wasn’t supposed to talk to strangers He was curious to know how could she know that they are out of milk? Continue reading

Bear’s New Friend

AUTHOR: Karma Wilson

On a hot summer day bear wished to go out and play.So he went in the search of his friend little mouse and heard a surprise sound in the tree n thought it would be his friend mouse. But the mouse scurries from the ground and said “Its not me”. Bear along with the mouse wondered about who would be there. Mouse thought it would be the hare and called him to come out. But the hare hops along and said “Hi howdy ho”.

As the sound continued on the tree they decided to follow and find who it would be. May be a badger..No not but the badger along with the Gopher and Mole was peering into the deep hole.They thought it would be Raven or wren ,as the sound continued . But they flapped down from the sky to say a hi to thier friends..But the rustling sound continued. So the bear shouted as who are you and why are you hiding the whole day?..and the answer came in the trembling voice ” Because I am shy”.
Suddenly Two PEEKABOO eyes with a voice came out “who”?
Bear said a “Hi please do not hide, come outside, let’s have fun “.
An owl said “Hooo hooo hooo”. Hello I’m owl and just came flying by..
They all were delighted to see their new friend .

They all spent the day in the swimming pool in the hot summer sun with their new friend..

A BOOK to learn about different animals and their places..😍

A tale of an adventurous kitten discovering himself




Kitten cat was upset because he cant fly like a bird, he cant crack a nut like squirrels, he cant hop like frogs,he cant shook the mud and stroll over like cocks. ” I am only  a cat , I cant do anything “,he cried to his mother in distress .

His mother sprang to her feet and asked the kitten to follow her to show what it meant to be a cat. His mother showed to climb a tree, catch a mouse, walk on a tightrope, move silently more like lizards, get to the lazy dog, taking a nap safely, tasting the cream without wasting them, to see clearly in the darkness. And finally she called out for the meet to announce loudly that only cats can do all this and not all other animals and birds.

But the kitten who couldn’t stop for that rushed to the river to catch a fish, which in turn turned into a adventurous funny story..


A great book with glowing illustrations for cat lovers where it is easy to understand what is to be like a cat . The importance of knowing one-self, self esteem  and to stay away from comparisons and traps.


Tulika books on creepy crawlies


Sunu sunu the snail who is playing in the garden with his friends the ants. Suddenly there is a storm in the garden. So the ants asked him to return back home so his mother will not worry for him.He returnd back to home, under a big rock, and started narrating about the storm and what all he heard.

A delightful picture book with simple text and excellent illustrations for a 2 year old Continue reading