A book to learn about migration 


When the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, wagtail identifies its time to migrate to warmer places. Here a wagtail and her mama are getting ready with their flock to migrate as the winter is nearby. When the mama explains about flying across the oceans and across the land , wagtail doubts about her strongness to fly so far. Mama clears her doubt that they grow strong enough by eating healthy foods for months.

Wagtail was curious about the identification of routes, places to rest and foods on their way. Mama tells that they can identify the way from the sun shining, from the smells of the air, and thru the clues of familiar places.

The next day the flock of birds flew over forest , plains aand grassland. When the wagtail felt tired being on the front of the flock mama asked her to move inside of the flock and explained about the turns birds take during flying in the front and in the middle of the flock to save energy for flying thru a long distance .

After many days the flock came across the oceans.  Wagtail was surprised at the licking sound of a whale who was also migrating to warm waters to find food and escape from cold.

Wagtail felt tired on crossing such a big ocean and felt that it’s bcos she is so small to migrate.She realized that she can easily travel after seeing a tiny moth leaping into the strong winds.

When they crossed mountains wagtail and the flock saw a group of elephants headed by a oldest female of the pack migrating too.

Wagtail and th flock flew over roads , farms and cities . She was tired again and searched for a place to rest herself.  Wagtail felt so disappointed when her mama expressed that their favourite place of resting become cities, make become train stations for the people who migrate to cities in search of better jobs and education and now there was no place for a bird to rest. 

Finally they landed on the banks of another river with a water full of delicious insects  which giggled and giggled with a warm and gentle sun. 

They all spreaded over and flew away to make themselves strong again before the next migration ..

An excellent book to learn about migration, reason behind migration, difficulties in migration, search of food etc.. Necessity t to plant trees, cleaning up surroundings, respecting birds and animals and land they depend on when they migrate..

Loved the hints in every page of the book about the animals and birds wagtail come across through the migration journey.


A story of a carousel duck who longs to fly


A story of a carousel duck who longs to fly. At knew her wings are made of wood and She can’t fly with the carved wings.  She spends her days watching the real flying ducks and longing and nighy dreaming of flying among them. She use to wonder about the flying ducks and their closeness to stars and sky.

Everything got changed when a little list duckling walked to 5th duck on a spring day. Duck has never seen such a small duck and so she was amused to see the yellow fuzzy  small duck. From that moment duck and duckling become closer, they laughed played and even dreamt together. Continue reading


A simple story about the life cycle of a seed



A simple story about the life cycle of a seed.The story starts in the autumn with the journey of seeds getting dispersed from  plants during the winds. The story continues focusing on one of the smallest seeds among them. Each page continues with different seeds and the happening around the biggest seeds which travelled along with the tiny seed while travelling through sun, tall mountains, icy mountains, ocean and the desert till the seed settles down in the ground during winter. During spring the other seeds started to grow as a plant but the tiny seed doesn’t start to grow up yet. By the time summer comes it is no longer a seed and it flourishes into a tallest plant with  a huge flower on it. And again the cycle continues with the dispersal of the seeds.

A book to introduce life cycle of a plant, different types of seasons and the happenings. This also tells that smaller size doesn’t always it is the weaker one (as the tiny seed was able to grow up into a giant flower)



A picture book with a strong msg to kids 


​A story of two cats TOM and TANSY who are best friends wonders about whether if wishes really come true.. one day during their picnic they decide to find it themselves . 

So they closed their eye and wishes really hard and long.TANSY wished for a party dress, shoes and dance .TOM wished to sail away in the boat to see the world. Though they wished hard there is nothing around them to mam the wishes come true.So they decided that dreams will not come true. 
But fortunately they met Mr Grimpalong singing along passes them pushing a full cart of old stuff. They found all the materials to make boat and dress for both of them in the cart. They boarded the raft and went on a trip to admire the view of the world.During their trip they danced on a boat which they happened to see .When they turned the raft round to return back home they understood that “First wish, then do, that’s when wishing comes true”.

A strong msg to the kids that only hard work gets us to the place we wish to..Thanks to Rina for sending us this treasure…


A strange Dream of a little boy


On his way to school Raju sees all vegetables of all shapes and sizes heading to school with their school bags and water bottles. No one else including his teachers seems surprised to see them..😉Instead the teacher came forward to welcome him by patting him on the back.

When the teacher left someone continued to pat him hard.He just opened his to see his mom shaking him to make him awake to get himself ready for school.Then he realised that he had a strange dream of different vegetables like root vegetables , leafy vegetables marching towards his school. When the parade reached the school all children came to the door to watch the strange parade.He rushed to get him ready to reach school on time

A book about vegetables which we are reading as a part of our vegetable theme activities.An excellent book for 2 years and above kids..


Do you want to introduce about India to your toddlers?


Illustrated by PRIYA KURIYAN

Do you want to introduce about India to  your toddlers?Do you face challenges to teach about India?

Then this book is your right choice

A book which uses illustrations and alphabets to tell everything about the country in a very simple interesting way..

Book starts with Letter A representing National ANTHEM and Continues with BRAVEry,different types of bravery awards  armed forces which keeps us safe, CULTURE, musical heritage, festivals, foods of different states ,DANCES and its origin, EQUALITY, India’s freedom, FLAG and its significance,Father of Indian Nation Mahatma GANDHI, quit india movement, non violence,the integral part of India,HIMALAYAS,INDIA,states of the country and its identity,JUNGLES of India, state animals, KAUTILYA- a great Indian teacher and philosopher,LANGUAGESof different parts of India, MONSOONS of India,NEHRU and his love for children,OM, PATRIOTISM, QUIZ-Wonderful things discovered in india,RIGHTS-fundamental rights from the Constitution of india, SALUTATIONS- ways of greeting people,TRADITIONAL KNOWLEDGE, arts and crafts, paintings, UNITY,VALUES That imbibe from our families and culture, WOMAN of India, godess, places every Indian must visit, different professions, ZERO , the invention of India..

Ends with an quote and encouraging words to the readers of the book..

An excellent book for the kids even for all to learn everything they need to know about India..